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A beautiful gift from the mother-kind, hills are one of the most lovely things that people have been given. They're romantic and have seen many stories of love in their time. Auli is a fantastic hill location in Uttarakhand, India. It has several Himalayan Peaks and is also known as Garhwali for its meaning as "Auli Bugyal." Auli Pre Wedding Shoot Location is one of the finest places for a pre-wedding photo or video shoot.
The town is also known for skiing, with heights ranging from 2,500 to 3,050 meters. The hills are surrounded by forests made up of oaks. It also has a stunning panoramic view of the mountains that may make an excellent backdrop for a pre-wedding photo session.

Positive Points


Stations on the Hill generally don't need any man-made backdrop to make the pre-wedding photographs stunning. They are full of natural beauty. Auli provides lovely surroundings as well. The sense of completeness you get from being surrounded by hills is comparable to that of a lap around mother nature. Hills not only make your pre-wedding photo unique and beautiful, but they also provide a feeling of fullness and euphoria to your images. The picturesque vista adds glow to your shoot and makes it more appealing..


In a pre-wedding video, romance is an essential ingredient that must be added. It's one of the key elements of a pre-wedding shoot since it adds on the spices that are required. The hills, the natural environment, and Bollywood sets all evoke feelings of romance for me. Auli does the same thing in her way by adding a little more romanticism to the couple's photos, which may easily be represented in their pre-wedding photographs and make them extremely beautiful and unforgettable.


Auli is a tourist destination with numerous hotels and lodges available for your stay, making it somewhat difficult to choose. The availability of places to stay lets you make different decisions and frees you from having to stay in any particular hotel or anything like that. Freedom of choice also aids in obtaining the proper seclusion for your pre-wedding shoot and makes you feel at ease. Normally, when performing an activity in public because others are watching over you, part of the process is lost.


For a photo shoot, being in a panic is the enemy; the couple must remain calm and comfy throughout the pre-wedding shoot to avoid having the planning ruined, as well as to keep the spirit of it. You will find inner peace as well as physical serenity at Auli's. The hustle and bustle of city life may be avoided in the hills, allowing you to focus all your attention on finishing the photoshoot successfully. Nature has its role to play in the shoot, and the pair may enjoy one another's company as they become more at ease. Then, without any internal pressures, they will capture that same connection in the photographs and films


Drones eliminate the need to trek up or down hills, allowing you to capture footage from multiple perspectives. What's a better location for a panoramic view than the mountains? Auli allows you to get the most out of your pre-wedding shoot, which you'll treasure for a long time. The solitude and beauty of the hillsides at Auli will strengthen your connection and bring you closer together.

Style of Outfits

Nature always provides you freedom, whether it be in the matter of clothes or anything else. Dresses or costumes are not designed for the hills and must not be compared to one another. It allows you to make your own decisions and decide which appearance you've always wanted. Your pre-wedding photograph should represent your choices, not anything else.

Wedding Destination

The Tattva Boutique Resort

Snow is falling on the slopes of The Tattva in the dead of winter! At Joshimath's foothills, The Tattva is a beautiful boutique hotel that provides luxury, comfort, and elegance. Our hotel in Joshimath, which is located in the snow-capped mountains, is the ideal place to unwind during the cold season. The Tattva is a musical retreat in the Auli region, just south of Rishikesh, where we play ambient music throughout the day to create a relaxing atmosphere. With more than 35 speakers positioned across the property, the hotel emits a sense of serenity throughout the day.

Clifftop Club Resort Auli

The top of the Vail Pass, known as Cliff Top Club, is a ski resort with outstanding skiing conditions. It also oversees trekking, climbing, and wilderness outside activities. Situated in a picturesque location surrounded by snow-topped Himalayan mountains, Cliff Top Club is a 3-star ski resort with warm courtesy and pleasant accommodation. This resort, which is set on a ski slope, has 42 rooms, 22 of which are Studios with 18 apartment-style Apartments and two Two Bedroom Apartments. Every home unit includes important comforts such as satellite TV and phone service. Mineral water, kitchenette, and fully equipped kitchenette are available at an extra fee. Given the photo-realistic section, it's ideal for experience seekers and relaxation explorers. There is a business corridor at the resort for corporate travelers. The resort offers a variety of activities such as trekking, climbing, shake climbing, mountaineering, and outdoor wilderness activities that are organized by the company. This includes fun activities like blaze, function nights, and live excitement. The helipad office is also accessible at reasonable rates. An amazing eatery on the resort's grounds serves a broad range of dishes during the open-air feasting. The patio eatery on the outside grill is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy meals. Snacks and beverages are available at Skidoo Coffee Shop/Snack Bar. Joshimath, which is accessed via a tall climb, is a popular destination for tourists traveling to the resort.


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Great location with view. Peaceful. The cottages are very comfy and cozy. The estate manager was helpful and arranged for a guide for trek to Gorson. The food was tasty. ”


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Only one word to say superb experience. Perfect to visit at any time too good superb. Evert hing is fine. Accommodation is like a antique one, cool place. Superb nice place for old and new married couples and off sale persons too good nice.

Sandeep Tata

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